Friday, December 29, 2006

“Simple Solutions” - To A World Wide Crisis !

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Wake Up ! Gas is not selling cheap any more? Nor will it get any cheaper in the future ! It is time we ask the Automobile Industry to make ‘ their ’ IC Engines, a lot more ‘fuel efficient & affordable’ than ‘Flashy & Muscle’ oriented beasts, considering the escalating cost of ‘motoring & mobility’. After all, it is this progressive industry that has got us addicted and brought us into this " mess " in the name of ‘creativity & ingenuity’ backed by growing demands for personalized transportation like never before. We the end-users & " ‘victims " of this episode are hoping to get the attention of World Governments to show us some forms of concessions and reliefs in these moments of distress. How long can all this go on ? Rob Peter to pay Paul is no Global Solutions ! World governments will go broke finding solutions to solve these astronomical Global Crises. While the real issue relates to inefficient engines, pushing demands for Oil beyond the reach of supply, backed by the costs of operations of these fancy automobiles, subjected by limited Oil reserves as we know of ! Or else, WHY these sudden price Hikes followed by uncertainty ? . Who is actually to blame ?

The “ Lawmakers or the Lawbreakers “? Or just a lack of Vision, by the people who have guided Humanity in the name of ‘Prosperity & Progress’ all this while to gain ‘Self-Sufficiency & Independence’ from others ! “Some call it Color Blindness “ !

Let us remind ourselves and make the whole world aware of some hard facts of life ! This kinds of extravaganza of burning up fossil fuels in excessive quantities on a Global scale to ‘ fuel & fire ’ inefficient engines to reach our daily destinations in comfort will only promote more & more ~ Green House Gasses attributing to excessive ‘ Global Warming ’ ! Hurricane Katrina & Rita & the many Droughts & Famines around the Globe are just some of the many definite realistic effects of Global Warming ! Climatic changes associated with Global Warming are bringing about many uncertainties in our own ‘ lives & lifestyles ’. Soon it will be difficult to predict future Weather Patterns & Seasons as Global temperature are on the ‘ increase’ ! These extreems will dictate & predict the Health of our Planet in the future. To understand the subtleness ‘ of it all ’, we just need to understand ourselves a little better ? We all normally operate at 98.7 Degrees Fahrenheit. The minute our temperatures touch " 99 " Degrees F ! Alarm Bells start to go off ! The margins are so thin between feeling ‘Good & Ok ’ ! To ~ I am feeling “ Feverish “ !? All of us can feel 99 F coming – It is just One Degree short of Disaster ~ Called Fever ! All of us also know the feelings of Fever - Once we hit 100 F ?

Instead of looking at every possible timely available solutions to avert " these crisis," the Global Auto Industries are spending Billions of $’s in designing sexy automobiles with shapely curves stuffed with irrelevant gadgetry further backed by diabolic advertising campaigns to project any thing but “ Fuel Efficiency”!? The slogan goes “ Zero to 60 MPH in - Under 4 seconds “ !? The Global Auto Industry seems to be heading towards a tailspin due to its own makings of over ‘productivity & stagnation’ in their existing markets. Most Companies are applying all their skills to sell their flashy Gas Guzzling Cars & SUV’s in ‘haste ’ to prevent stock ‘Pile-Ups & Clog-Ups’ in their inventories. As a last resort they are offering their latest models and unsold line-ups under the most attractive schemes ever ‘Called’ ~ “Take Aways ” ??? Followed by Sub Zero % Interests? These equations are starting to look a little upside down to most prospective investor. No wonder recently Auto-Scripts came close to junk status in the US. The other hard facts being, job cuts by the thousands loosing their jobs in the Auto Industry over the years, has projected a very depressing picture. Some relate these job cuts to computerized automation and mass scale production technologies & philosophies, aimed at cost-cutting to achieve “ Profitability ” ! The real issues are more related to do with saturation & stagnation of over productivity in the automobile industry in most of the developed countries along with sky-high oil prices that relate to escalating costs of operations & motoring world over.

It is clearly evident, most Towns & Cities, just have too many Cars & SUV’s floating around at any given time and the rest seem to be hanging around in any available parking space. Despite all this, the Global Auto Industries are painting a very prosperous picture of Expansions & invasion into new markets opening up in developing countries like China, India & its neighbors. While the passwords flashed at all the Motor Shows are about innovations followed by - Hi-Breds, Hydrogen, Electrics, Bio fuels, Bio-Gas " Name It " ? At the moment ~ We have it on the drawing board !? All ‘aiming & claiming’ of bringing down “ Global Warming and Lesser reliance on Fossil Fuels” ! While each of the motor show unveil their latest forms of “ Gas Guzzlers ” ! Can all these futuristic technologies really materialize economically over night ? If so where are the Infrastructure & the Investments ? As Most investments are finding their way into the depths of Oil & Gas explorations across the Globe ? Simply, because Investors are looking for quick returns & profitability, while Global demands for Petroleum products are rising like never before. Mean while the OPEC have made more ‘CASH’ than any one could have ever conceived a decade earlier. Oil will continue to dominate ‘ World Trade ’ as long as the transport industry runs on Oil. The inspiration to run IC Engines will continue regardless of the greenhouse gasses or emissions or the costs till the last drop of Oil is extracted and made available commercially !

IC Engines have been confined to the cylinder, ever since they fired-up ? Meaning to say, what ever enters the cylinder, in the form of a charge, is compressed and ignited, the outcome of this ignition is combustion, followed by work & the expulsion of hot ‘green house gasses’ freely exiting into the atmosphere ! No questions asked ! Evolution of the IC Engine in the last 130 + years has evolved & revolved around a ‘Cylinder coupled to a Head with a working Piston’ ! This theme slowly has graduated past the early side-valve “ L- Heads ” to the more efficient “ Over Head Valve ” (OHV) Layouts of Today ! Thermal efficiencies, out of IC Engines, have been more or less saturated at 25% out of Petrol engines and about 35 % out of Diesels - After all these years of research & development, few have really have gone past this ‘ % age’ of efficiencies. If any body betters these air breathing engines it will be close to breaking the sound barrier ! Meaning to say, over coming the inherent design deficiencies & limitations of the age-old reciprocating IC Engines, to achieve better thermal efficiencies out of existing available fuels that are provided by the Oil Co’s to “ Fuel & Fire ” Automobiles of Today !

Browsing through the Internet indicates, someone living, in a third world country, has recently just about managed to over come these limitations ? His efforts have earned him a US Patent US 6237579 – “ Design To Improve Turbulence In Combustion Chambers “. For more information you could do a - google - search for Somender Singh and you will get more than ample proof of what “he and others” have achieved with this simple design change to existing combustion chambers. The turbulence is building-up, and is about to explode into multi flame front propagation through the Internet. We hope, the concerned people who matter, enlighten the Big Automobile Co’s & Oil Companies to take note, of this simple Discovery that has the capability of changing existing engines economically by further making them more fuel efficient and less thirsty for Oil along with a bonus of spilling out a lot lesser pollutants & emissions into the very air we breath in to survive on this Planet. Such simple changes can only help us save on Oil consumption and retain our surroundings of ‘ well-being ’ for some time to come. Or atleast till newer technologies emerge as “ Life Saviors.” ! We " Pray & Hope " such a thing happens sooner than earlier !

If this is not true, why then is our Planet heating up so much over the last decade or two. Why are the ice burgs & snow caps beginning to melt away at an alarming rate and why are climate changes becoming so noticeable ? Most are feeling the changes, come, morning, afternoon, evening & night. People living in A/C comforts & luxuries are also feeling the differences in temperatures too. The guys on the beach are sweating it out, wondering when is the next big tidal wave coming in. Due to our ‘over usage’ of ground water in the name of Agriculture, Horticulture & Prosperity along with our gardens and lawns staying green all year round have resulted in some drastic depletions of natural ground water bodies causing destruction of natural vegetation that supported these water bodies in the first place. These effects have further affected natural forest covers and vegetation leading to forest fires of sorts. These effects have a long story to tell by pushing many forms of " life & eco systems " into extinction altogether alongwith their surroundings, promoting large arid landscapes of barren land that radiate raw heat into the atmosphere further trapping heat and magnifying the effects of Global Warming. Jet Aviation propelling ‘ Bigger Birds to greater heights ’ have filled the upper atmosphere with enormous amounts of CO2 & water vapor deposits that have further contributed towards heat trapping & imbalances in the upper atmosphere which very few are aware of. One has to remember these High-UP’s of ‘ CO2 ’ levels eventually need to tumble down to mother earth to meet up with vegetation on the surface of the earth to break into basic building blocks called ‘ Oxygen & Carbon ’ with the help of Sunshine ! There are no other known technologies that can achieve this ‘age-old natural phenomenon’ of sprouting ‘ O2 ’ on which all forms of life on Earth have originated and survived to evolve to what they are Today !

We better take quick note of this abnormal prevalent activities & changes taking place in and around us, or else, our off-springs and our fabulous creations of wealth which we have built-up over the years by means of “intelligence” will be of little use, while millions of people like ants will soon have to start crawling up from lower lying coastal areas & surroundings towards higher and more secure pastures crowding every thing in their path & sight due to the rising waters. World maps will start to shrink, islands will disappear ! Definitions of Continents & Countries will start to look very very different, from what we know of it by today’s maps. Border disputes and migrations will top the lists like never before? We are already seeing the exodus of people leaving less developed, deprived, divided, broken & unstable countries trying to escape into the EU and other developed Countries in the hope of prosperity & security. It is saddening to see how natures creations of the so called, ‘Garden Of Eden‘ along with all its beautiful forms of wild life are suffering and are being pushed to the point of extinction due to the senseless activities of encroachments brought about by us humans – All this hyper activity by motivated humans has brought all forms of Life on this beautiful Planet close to extinction for no fault of theirs… “ Who’s to blame ”! ?

The human race takes the CAKE for forcefully encroaching and occupying every known green pasture in-sight to fulfill their " Greed’s & Need’s " followed by artificial comforts like never seen before with the help of newer technologies. Today humans with all their protection, medication & technologies are shivering with the very thought of “ bird flu ” being sighted close to the EU, sending global shock waves of an major ‘epidemic’ or call it “Endemic” ! There are so many other epidemics we hear off on a daily basis, forecasting doom & disaster. The others that TOP the list are political uncertainties and Regimes changes in Rogue states effecting world peace and ‘decision-making’ ultimately affecting every living species on earth………... “ Who’s to blame ” ! ?

I wonder what solutions will our Governments and the UN have, to solve these global crisis that directly relate to population explosions in most of the third world countries spreading into metropolises while our great scientists and visionaries are finding more ways than one to colonize the Moon & nearby Planets ? With the thought of finding water in the form of “ Frozen Ice ” ? While we have plenty of it on Earth ! Probably they forgot the Earth is still covered with more ‘water than land’. Any technology, to make saline water into clean waters, will be a boon to every form of Life on Land !

“ Long live creativity and ingenuity ” ! The old statement comes to light ! “ Necessity is the Mother of Invention ” ! After the ‘ Invention ’ came the necessities, which eventually manifested themselves into never ending ‘Greed’s’ than anything else ! All in the name of Profitability ! Take the Canning industry for example ! Every thing you ever wanted in your lifetime to consume is sitting in front of you – Just waiting to be opened ! Once it passes, the expiry date it is Junked !? Never to be used again ! Probably this will be the fate of all the IC Engines when Oil becomes scarce?

The only thing I can think of Mankind’s ‘ Creativity & Ingenuity ’ based on recorded history show the pride of winning “ Wars followed by Destruction ” further followed by rebuilding the conquered Lands & Territories into new cultures in the name of the Lord ! The First & Second World Wars in recent times remind us of lunacy backed by ideologies projecting military might’s aimed at Global Conquests. These two World Wars with their state of the art technologies permanently scarred Peace on Earth and left so many beautiful countries devastated and divided forever. More recently were the war games played by mighty nations to corner Global Oil reserves ! Little realizing there is very little ‘Oil’ left in the first place to back our growth followed by congestion in the atmosphere to accept any more green house gases. The outcome of all this is getting us to the very edge of comforts. Most are feeling the heat world over as discussions on “Global Warming & Population Explosions” are slowly gaining acceptance in a broader spectrum of debate.

Humans have exploited the far reaches of our planet & have reached out into outer space leaving a trail of disasters. Every time a rocket leaves the gravitational pull with its payload, a little of the Ozone layer separates ? No other species other than Humans are responsible for all this ‘mess’ we have created in time, by destroying this beautiful self-sufficient Evergreen Planet that was once known as the “ Garden Of Eden ” ! Mother Earth is the only Planet in the reaches of 1000 + Light Years that has supported LIFE in so many many beautiful different forms. It is difficult to understand the infinite process of evolution spread over millions of years that have created these beautiful eco systems, which have co-related and existed in harmony without disturbing Mother Nature. Yet we have so little respect or concern towards these ecological disasters we create on a daily basis, as we expand & occupy every nook & corner of ‘ land & sea’ promoting human habitation and its support systems to the status of prime properties, as though it was our birth-right to do all this with authority, forgetting all other species, that have stood the test of time all this while during their slow process of evolution !

We Global Citizens need to ‘go easy’ on all our ‘thoughtless’ activities related to " construction out of destruction " that are being carried out in the name of explorations to project brighter futures of ‘well being’ to the future generations of the human race.
“ The same goes with Fuel consumption & Tree cutting too ” ! Any contributions in these areas of conservation will definitely help us on the long run. There is not much left behind considering what we have already done to the “above and beneath ” layers of Mother Earth in the last five centuries of ‘conquest & progress’. We are burning up Oil & essential metals like " as if " it is going out of fashion. Remember, it took nature millions of years to compress all this into Crude Oil & Minerals that we take for granted today. Let us remind ourselves “ Nothing ever dropped out of Heaven ” - It is all our imaginations that we constantly fall back to justify using these powers to do what ever we are doing for our advantages & personal gains. All the digging, siphoning & displacements of our essential ‘minerals and materials’ required for our daily survival & comforts are bringing mother earth close to insanity & imbalances. There is, in excess to 400 % more CO2 floating around in the Atmosphere. The oceans and soils are turning ‘Acidic’ due to excessive carbonic acid formations killing seaweeds, vegetation and support forms of Life that produce Life supporting ‘Oxygen’ and other essentials for the survival of all living beings including us.

The hundreds of years of logging have giving Mother Earth a clean shave, which more look like balding patches, to any space explorer ! These effects are all contributing to Global Warming finally melting down of Polar Ice caps like Ice Cubes in a stiff drink ! These mass movements of ‘destruction & extinction’ are bringing Mother Earth closer to an un-balanced status. We all know what happens to un-balanced spinning wheels, don’t we ? Sooner or later, they will end up wobbling ? Resulting in untold natural ‘mega events’ that will have no " bounds or boundaries '’ !

Remember, once Nature steps into reverse gear, there is no stopping it till the inevitable happens ! Are we going to be sitting around and waiting for these mega events to happen ? While we gauge, prosperity & progress in the name of Globalization followed by ‘Per-Capita income increases’ in developed countries, projecting healthier Global Economies?

We really need to be looking at every thing around us, in true prospective, to understand the implications of all this on the long run, & not fool ourselves with the aura that surrounds ‘pseudo prosperity’ in the name of ‘Global Well Being’ aimed at projecting “Security & Calm” in the absence of Peace.

We need to adapt, timely age old simple solutions to restore our natural surroundings & bring back healthy earthly life styles or else we will soon run out of ‘clean air & water to breathe & drink’ missing out on the very basics of survival requirements that supports the very existence of Life on our “ Blue Planet ” ! Plants & Living life, will continue to live as they have stood the test of time many a times ! One good rain fall, will bring them back to life with a bit of Sunshine - I really have my own doubts, about the highly evolved species called the “ Human Race ” as we know of it Today !?

“ Will they be able to withstand the Jolt ” ?

While Mother Earth will continue to spin at the same pace….. “ Forever …& Ever !
Till Time fades into " nothingness " ………… in the darkness of Space ......
Sing !!!
Looking at the ways ....... thing are shaping up ?
" i am certain it is " Gods Will " ? ~ That the Devil succeeds in destroying his own Creations " ! ?

By Somender Singh.

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